You should update your business plan

Business plans is not a static document, you should constantly update it to keep them up to date and useful for your future

The main challenge of creating a business plan is to capture a glimpse into your project’s future. This is not the case, since at times the future is not exactly certain anymore and thus it will be hard to keep the focus on the present. If you are a developer and would you like to create some documentation for your CIO, this is when a business plan can be extremely useful, as well as if you are a businesswoman who would like to develop a financial plan and strategy for the future of your company, just imagine what this will do for your CV. The best in this case is to develop a plan, which will help you manage the way you have planned. So how does a business plan help you manage a strategy? Well, if an accountant can manage a budget, then you definitely can manage a business plan. That is because a business plan enables you, in the case of changes, to anticipate them and react accordingly on a timely manner, which will be very helpful for both you and your company in a situation which may arise tomorrow where you may not be able to predict it in advance. That is why it is very important in a company to get a high-quality and relevant business plan. This is your professional reference when you would like to apply for any kind of venture capital, private debt and venture capital loan. You also will be able to show your employer or your lender that you have a plan for your company’s future.

You can see the difference in the financial planning in which all the aspects of the budget are accounted for, compared with when it focuses only on the profit. The first case provides great value and an opportunity to demonstrate a great return on investment. In some cases, you may even be able to show greater than 15% return on investments. When you are creating the business plan and you are using the same as the accountant in financial planning, you should follow a similar structure to the business plan template as the one shown in the previous example, here we will focus only on the accounting part. We’ll use the same template for our example. The following is our document ready for the financial plan.

You can see the major part of the template which accounts for the financial aspects of the business, we already had the goal to establish the number of employees and to know the value of the projected revenues. Now this is just the first step of our plan, because we should also prepare the financial documents required by our bank, which is the last and most crucial step of your financial plan. All other financial documents would be created based on this plan.

It is very important to have your business plan online, where you can review the plan and change it when you find any new data needed. You don’t want to have to change the plan, however, but to have the plan online and the same when you want to change some aspect. In the business plans are included all the financial documents that you need, like the accountant’s note for the book of shareholders, the auditors’ report of the company, etc.. However, if you have your documents in the same format, when you need to change some of the things, it is very convenient and easier for you. Some of the documents that you get are the annual statement, cash flow statement, balance sheet, income statement, equity and other financial documents. The following is our sample of our documents that the financial plan of our company covers. But in our case, the document for the accountant’s note is not included.